Moonstrider Released on Steam Early Access!

After months of work we’re pleased to bring Moonstrider to Steam Early Access! Randomly generated galaxies, deadly aliens, and powerful items await you in this action-roguelike. Coming out on September 30th, we’ll be updating the game frequently while it’s in early access and will happily take community feedback and ideas. Hope you’re as excited as we are!

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Moonstrider on Steam Greenlight

Triple Lasers first title, Moonstrider, is currently on Steam Greenlight. An action roguelike, set in space, Moonstrider has players leap and fly between planets, fight aliens, gather items, and run in circles, as all the action takes place on the edge of 2D planets! Think Risk of Rain meets Super Mario Galaxy. We showed the game off at Momocon 2015 in Atlanta and got great feedback,

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